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Angry BabyExcuse me while I vent.

I can’t help but critique a business once I have given them some of my hard earned $$$. My background in customer service is extensive. In high school and college I worked at grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, Christmas tree lots, call centers, concierge desks and reception areas. I have given more than my share of “come again!”, “good to see you again!” “how can I help you today?” I have high standards, I admit it. That said I don’t expect every waiter, reservation agent, barber, cashier, flight attendant to make me feel like I am there one and only customer, their sole reason for working. I just want some acknowledgment that a business appreciates me and wants me to have a positive experience.

Business owners everywhere listen up.

Why is it so hard for me to get a “thank you” for patronizing your business? How about a “hello” when I come through your doors? If you are going to miss an appointment or be late why can’t you call me, or text me or email me? When I have a poor experience why do I rarely hear from or see the manager or owner? I have been a long-time customer of yours, make me feel special because I have a choice in who I choose to do business with.

Need some examples of excellent customer service in my area? Visit Whole Foods, Ace Hardware, BB&T, Weaver Street Market.

Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Dwell Real Estate is a real estate agency that is client driven, our job is to meet and exceed your expectations. There are hundreds of real estate offices in the Triangle area, you have a lot of choices when deciding which agency is going to help you make a very important move. We work for you and not for a commission. We want your business and pledge to work hard to keep it.

Thank you and come again!