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In the last 3 weeks I have been on 7 listing appointments. Advising home sellers in a buyer’s market is still a little foreign to me. Up until 2009 the “balance of power” was still in my opinion leaning slightly in favor of sellers (in Chapel Hill and Carrboro). Back in the day we listing agents could get by most of time with just suggesting to home sellers that they de-clutter, clean the house really well, offer a cosmetic allowance for painting and be ready to move quickly. Today when I meet with a seller my recommendations are very simple. If you want to sell your house you need to be prepared to put your absolute best foot forward from day one. Get your house inspected and do all of the repairs, get your yard in shape, neutralize the house, update the kitchen and baths and price your property competitively and realistically. In short make it easy for a buyer to choose your home. Today’s buyers want to move right in to a house without having a long list of “to-do’s”. Today’s buyers have a lot of houses to pick from and they look at all of them and make their buying decision very carefully and often times with great demands. Sellers listen up! It’s a buyers market and they are choosing the best houses first. Give us a call, drop us an email or a text if you would like assistance getting your home sold this spring.

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