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After 16 years in the real estate business, having sold over 300 properties and attended over 150 home inspections I have learned a lot about home maintenance, repair and neglect. If I was asked what type of home problems do I see most often I would have to say water damage.
Exterior siding and trim deterioration is found in 90% of the home inspections that I attend. I also see a lot crawlspaces and basements that have water intrusion problems. How can a homeowner protect their home from the evils of water?
Paint your siding and trim every 4-6 years and make sure the painter is properly caulking. Pay extra for brush painting, spray painting is very popular and usually less expensive but the coat of paint is thin. Trim should be primed and painted before it is installed, exposed, unpainted ends deteriorate quickly.
To keep your crawlspace and basement dry remember these basic tips. Keep your gutters/downspouts clean and draining away from the house. Make sure the grade around your house is pushing water away from the house. You may need to take more drastic measures like installing a french drain system and/or sump pump if your yard is very flat and/or your home is located at the bottom of a hill or below a lot of raised land that is draining on your property.
If you have concerns about the health of your home do yourself a favor and get a home inspection then start making the necessary repairs. Taking care of your home problems now is often less expensive than putting them off.