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Growing up in Carrboro and Chapel Hill in the 1970’s and 1980’s it was hard to not know who “Cat Baby” was. Charly Mann has a wonderful website that documents a lot of the history of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, I get lost for hours every time I visit www.chapelhillmemories.com. Visit this site to read more about George Cannada aka “Cat Baby”. What I can tell you from my memories as a Carrboro kid is that I would love to lean out of the car and yell “Cat Baby!” at George whenever I saw him on the street and in this long Southern drawl he would yell back “Whata Ya Say Cat!”, I loved hearing him bellow that back at the top of his lungs! Even at 44 I still grin when I think back at those times. George truly had this Carrboro mascot-like status, I remember the feeling I had when I heard that he had died, a small but happy piece of my childhood was gone.