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I have seen a surge in radon tests in the last few years and it has not come as a surprise. A few years ago the standard purchase agreement that we use here in N.C. added language to the inspection condition that essentially recommended all home buyers to test for radon. Most good home inspectors in this area can test a home for radon in 48-72 hours and for a cost of about $100.00.
We have radon in Chapel Hill – Carrboro and Triangle area. My experiences have been that homes on a slab or homes that have basement spaces have a good chance of testing high for radon.
The fix for high radon levels is generally not that expensive ($1200-$2000). The remediation systems that I have seen are not complicated, are quiet and can be installed in less than a day by a couple of people.
Where can you learn more about Radon? Visit the EPA’s website. How do I re-mediate radon? Visit Affordable Radon Remediation’s website – they do a good job and are competitively priced.

Should you buy a home with high Radon levels? If the proper re-mediation system is installed I would not hesitate.

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