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17 years and counting, that’s how long I have been a full-time real estate broker in Carrboro/Chapel Hill. Each year brings me new experiences that I enjoy sharing with my clients, hoping that it helps their transactions go smoothly. 5 months into 2012 I have learned a few things and been reminded of others, allow me to elaborate.
1- Sellers – have your home inspected and complete the needed repairs before you let Buyers through the door, I promise you will save money in the long run.
2- Buyers – use a local lender and for that matter use local professionals – when you do find yourself in a jam your chances of getting out of it are greatly increased.
3 – Buyers – have an appraisal contingency in your offer if you can – ask the Seller to reimburse you at least the due diligence fee if the home does not appraise – its happening quite a bit this year.
4- Sellers – Buyers are leaving contracts more often these days – get as much due diligence money has you can.
5- Buyers – if you really like a house but it is under contract don’t forget that you can put a back-up contract in place – you never know you just might get the house!
6- Buyers and Sellers – call Dwell Real Estate – we are experienced, good listeners and knowledgeable.