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Earlier in the year our local inventory was low which translates into more of a “seller’s market” as long buyers are buying. I saw several multiple offer situations and homes selling in a matter of days, reminded me of the “good ole days”. But in the last few weeks I have noticed a trend and so have my fellow agents, buyers have stopped looking. Showing activity in areas and price ranges that normally are active even in the slowest of times has all but ceased. We are now in a “buyer’s market” despite low inventory.  Government shut down? Rising interest rates? Cooler weather and shorter days? Blame it on whatever you want but let’s hope this does not last long. Sellers who watched their neighbors sell with ease a few months ago are getting concerned and they should be. The holiday season is practically here, along with candy, turkey and gifts also comes silent phones.  Agent phones traditionally go quiet during the holiday season, buyers are not thinking about shopping for a home during this hectic time of year. Many sellers will decide to pull their homes off the market and wait it out. Some sellers will be determined and will elect to keep their house on the market in hopes of capturing that elusive  buyer. Some lucky buyers who are still looking could snag a good deal in the next few months, sellers are motivated to make a deal when their home is only being shown a couple of times a month.