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This May, after reading Jeff’s regular reports, we thought it might be time to consider selling. We contacted Jeff and he advised us that it was a good time. At that point we dumped it all is his lap. Since we are living in Florida we did not want to try and micro manage anything so we told Jeff to run with it and do what he thought was best. We trust him explicitly and knew he would protect our best interests.
In quick order we had an offer followed by a contract. Then for a variety of reasons a number of issues arose. Jeff was unfazed, and one by one he eliminated problems and we ended up closing on schedule. Everything was long distance but flawless.
In my opinion Jeff did much more than he had to. He might have easily suggested that we play a more active role. Instead he took charge and shouldered extra responsibilities.
We have known Jeff for more than 20 years. We have always respected his work ethic and character. I would suggest that anyone do the same.


Jim Groot and Robin Sparks