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Meta Tibke, REALTOR®

Meta Tibke

I came to real estate from a lifetime of working in healing professions. When I moved to North Carolina from Florida (as a former oncology and hospice nurse), my focus had been on helping people transition through change and challenge in their lives; this continues today. I find a sense of purposefulness from aiding people going through transitions of all kinds.

Working with property, however, was always at least a parallel vocation before emerging to the forefront. Originally from New York, I owned and managed an apartment building much like the one I grew up in; I experienced all angles of the rental situation, from being a renter to managing tenants and workers and proficient execution of related documents. Later, in FL, my love for property extended to owning and remodeling a number of “fixers” which I later rented and/or sold. (I love to sink my teeth into a good fixer!)

Being from NY, I was raised in the cultural context for the varied population the Triangle attracts, and I welcome and foster this diversity. I am, myself, the offspring of an American and a European immigrant, raised in an “Old World” household. Practicality is valued highly, yet I aim to master the use of data and technology that can best support my clients’ real estate needs.

This orientation towards the practical – along with my respect and concern for the environment – points my compass towards that which makes “the highest and best use of the land,” and I am committed to efficient use of our personal and shared resources, looking out for the “green” aspects of all properties.

And know a percentage of every transaction made through me will be donated to a charity we choose together. Ask me about it!

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