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Your trusted local
Therapists REALTORS®

Where home buyers and sellers come to find their “happy place” in Chatham, Orange, and Durham counties.

Finally, Realtors you can
Really Talk To

Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions you will make in a lifetime, and also one of the most personal. Faceless online real estate services are anything but personal.

We’re real REALTORS. We’re not here to chase gigantic commissions, instead we’re chasing home happiness (yours to be exact). Whether that’s closing on your forever home in an awesome neighborhood or selling for above the asking price.

So, How do we DO IT?

Well, we like to think we’re pretty good listeners (as long as we’ve had our morning coffee, that is) and want to know everything. Your dream home and ideal budget, how you like to spend your evenings painting, or the fact you love going on morning runs, your kid’s favorite color, what you like to cook… you get the drift.

We get to know you
Super well

By knowing you, your family, and your lifestyle, we can show you the homes that will suit your daily routine the most. And when it comes to selling your home? We’re every bit as thorough and every bit as dedicated, becoming your home’s biggest fan and caretaker until it’s sold.

Your new neighbors

With a combined 75+ years of real estate experience, these are the people who know how to make homes happen. Meet your local North Carolina REALTORS® and get in touch with your favorite to get started on your home buying or selling journey.