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Check out Dwell’s “The Guidebook for Buyers” for everything you want to know about buying a house and more!

Buying Real Estate in North Carolina

So you are considering a home purchase? Dwell has been open since 1995 so we know how to help!  We will help walk you through the following steps right into your new home:

  • Get pre-approved! Know your finance options before you spend a lot of time looking at homes and neighborhoods.
  • Meet with your REALTOR® and discuss strategy, needs versus wants, timing, price range, location.
  • The home search begins! Now you start visiting neighborhoods and homes, it’s time to get familiar with local values, home styles and designs and locations that are suitable for you.
  • When we find the right property we will research the immediate area to determine a fair market value then you make an offer, negotiate and secure the property contractually!
  • Apply for your loan. With your contract in hand you will complete a loan application.
  • Time to inspect your investment. I will help you select a home and pest inspector,
  •  it’s imperative that you know as much about the condition of the property as possible prior to closing.
  • Now you select a closing attorney who will help you complete your loan package, order a “title search”, a “survey” and will handle the recording of the deed. This is also a good time to set-up hazard insurance.
  • Hire your movers, make arrangements for the utilities to be turned on at your new house and off at the home that you are leaving.
  • Closing time! Complete your loan package with the closing attorney, review the closing statement (HUD-1), get the keys to your new home! Congratulations!

Check out the Buyer page of houselogic by REALTORS® to learn about the house buying process, finding an agent and understanding the financial side of buying a home.